Last night I was disturbed by an intruding dream that refused to depart me. But what are dreams? Well, the answer may be different depending on whom you ask. As I understand them and following Carl Jung’s way of viewing dreams, they are symbolic-messages created by the individual and delivered by a dream. In other words, dreams are self-created messages from the unconscious to the conscious. Also these pleasant or unpleasant self-creations are full of mysterious and intriguing messages because they are all told in a symbolic way that only the creator (or the dreamer) can decode. Then, it should be easy for the dreamer to understand the meaning of the dream you might think. But the answer to this question is not so fast my friend. The dreamer is prevented easy access to the meaning of his creation by multiple layers of safety protectors that prevent him or her from accessing the meaning of the message. It is when all this dream analysis becomes complicated. The dreamer and solely decipher of the dream can only receive the meaning of the dream by taking it to a “dream analyst” who will be able to assist the dreamer full access to the content of the dream. It is like giving yourself a gift but the gift is in a safety box, you have the key of the safety but cannot open it because you do not know how to use the key. You need to take the key to a highly specialist “safety box opener” that would help you to open the safety box but the safety box cannot be open without your help. You posses the instructions of how to use the key but at the same time you do not know how to create the perfect combination of twists and turns to open the safety box. Such safety box can only be open when the dreamer and the dream-analyst work in conjunction to open the box. It is then that the gift is finally delivered. Quite complicated process but at the same time fascinating and intriguing way to discover the truthful meaning of such a precious gift. Therefore, if you have a recurring dream (or nightmare), take it to a dream analyst to be deciphered and discover the meaning that you need to learn to move on with your life and/or your relationship. Peace