Roberto J. Olivo, Licensed Marriage
and Family Therapy Inc.


Roberto J. Olivo, Licensed Marriage and Family Therapy Inc., was born in 2004 out of the necessity to provide quality mental health services to members of our community with special needs. Our desire to provide excellent, innovative and cutting edge counseling, workshops and trainings to individuals, families, couples and children as well as to private and public organizations, promoted our interest in teaching various mental health topics that include but are not limited to marriage, relationships, sex addiction, depression, anxiety, communication skills building, parenting, gerontology, terminal illness, etc. We provide individual, couple, family, group and children therapy as well as workshops in multiple mental health areas. Our services are delivery in multiple languages (English, Spanish, Farsi, Assyrian, French) with an emphasis in English and Spanish by bi-cultural mental health providers.


Roberto J. Olivo, Licensed Marriage and Family Therapy, Inc., currently have offices in the areas of Pasadena, Glendale and Los Angeles. We enjoy working with individuals, couples and families in the search for what might be missing in their lives. We explore what might preventing them from achieving and experiencing the happiness, peace and joy that every person deserves. We provide services to homebound patients as well as at various office locations in the Los Angeles county area. Our work embrace issues related to pre-marriage, marriage, sexual addiction, depression, anxiety, stress management, professional growth, poor relationships, issues related to grief and loss, problems of substance abuse, life transitional and cultural factors affecting family dynamics and the individual. We use a psychodynamic approach to treatment but favors Jungian’s techniques with a touch of Cognitive/Behavioral interventions which includes but is not limited to the use of dream analysis, symbols, depth-psychology techniques, art, spiritual exploration, specific ethnic and cultural interventions, etc. Patients are viewed as active participants in the treatment of the upsetting condition(s) and regular discussions about progress of treatment are incorporated into the sessions. We are available for individual, group and family psychotherapy. We also provide workshops in the area of HIV/AIDS and Grief and Loss issues.