As you explore my website, I hope you discover some of the answers you are looking for in a pursuit of a better life and to obtain a new sense of hope regarding your specific interpersonal difficulties and/or family problem(s). You have the right to achieve fulfillment in all the areas of your life. Knowing happiness and experiencing happiness could be two different fundamental concepts and actions. Please allow me to help you achieve satisfaction in your life as you define “happiness.”

My clinical work requires courage, strength, hope, faith and commitment from you and me. Today could be the starting point of a new perception of you, your relationships and your family’s dynamics. Identifying where you got lost in this path called life can be a daunting task. You do not need to embark on this challenging mission alone. I can be part of your team during the restructuring phase of your interpersonal relationships. Often psychotherapy is perceived as a taboo since “…only crazy people are treated by a therapist, psychologist or psychiatrist.”

That is one of the biggest lies I’ve heard in my life. Helping an aching heart is not always about psychotropic medication or psychiatric services (although such services some times can be incorporated to aide the process.) It is about finding the right solutions to the unbearable situations currently hurting your heart (emotional condition.) It is up to you to know, if you want to be alone or not when you attempt to rebuild your life with a healthy and solid foundation and create a life-long stability and new approach to life’s challenges.

We work with my patients on issues regarding pre-marital therapy, marital conflict, sexual addiction, GLBTQ-specific issues, bi-cultural conflicts, depression & anxiety to name a few. If you would like to schedule an appointment please call us at 626-320-6052 or send us an e-mail to arrange a face-to-face consultation.

We currently take the following health insurances: Kaiser, Optum, ComPsych, Beacon and Claremont (EAP). Additionally, we would be more than happy to assist you with any documentation required to receive (if applicable) reimbursement from your health insurance plan if at this time we do not take your insurance plan. My current fees are $150.00 per 50 minute session. Couples and families often required longer sessions of about 90 minutes for a $225.00 per session.

Family counceling

Family counseling is one of the multiple types of psychotherapy

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Premarital Counselingl

What is premarital counseling and is it worth the time and money?

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